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Apr 28
Birthday of Screenwriter Alistair MacLean.

Apr 29
Birthday of Actor William Squire.

Apr 29
Actor Brook Williams died this date 2005.

Derren Nesbitt was nearly blinded when the squibs in his chest blew upwards instead of outwards when filming his death scene - his character was filmed being shot in the head and the chest but in the finished film he is only shot in the head.

I've noticed for some time (especially by the posts in the Guestbook) a need for a place to discuss non-Where Eagles Dare topics on the website. Therefor I've added a miscellaneous forum in the Web boards.
Zum Wilden Hirsch has been renovated! New layout and new improved use of cookies. Welcome!
Biography added for actor Ivor Dean.
According to IMDB Brook Williams, known as sergeant Harrod in Where Eagles Dare, died on 29th April 2005 in London, UK, aged 67 years old. Thanks to Neil Thomson for the information.
How does the surroundings of Werfen, used when shooting the movie, look today? Thanks to Michael Grnwald's fantastic photo series you can find out yourself.
Clint Eastwood's movie Million Dollar Baby swept this year's Academy Awards, winning for Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director and, finally, Best Picture.
Biography added for Neil McCarthy. The biography is written by Neil's god son Teddy L F McDonald.
New layout and new functions in the guestbook. There is also a new layout in the Briefing pages.
Clint Eastwood told on an awards ceremony in New York that he would "kill" Fahrenheit 9/11 filmmaker Michael Moore if he ever showed up at his front door with a camera.
New video clip added in the movie section, On Location: Where Eagles Dare. A 12 minute long documentary about the shooting of Where Eagles.

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