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Death Toll
We are proud to present to you the complete Where Eagles Dare Death Toll. Created by Glenn Kenneth.

Total death toll: 95

#1: Harrod is clubbed, possibly by Christensen (he was behind Harrod)
#2: MacPherson is shot with a pistol, possibly by Berkeley (he was outside)
#3-#6: In the car, Schaffer and Smith kill Col. Weissner and 3 soldiers (Smith shoots one, the other three die in the crash)
#7-#15: In the train station, Smith's bomb kills an officer and 8 soldiers
#16-#17: When they take the motorcycle, Schaffer stabs a guard and Smith shoots another
#18-#19: In the castle, Schaffer shoots the radio operator and stabs the helicopter pilot
#20: In the Golden Hall, Smith shoots Sgt. Hartmann, the guard
#21-#24: After Major von Hapen enters, Schaffer quickly shoots, in order, von Hapen, Colonel Kramer, Marshal Rosemeyer and Lieutenant Schwartz
#25-#27: When he puts the bomb in the armory, Schaffer shoots an officer and a guard
#28: Smith shoots the radio operator but is too late to stop him from pulling the alarm
#29-#39: Schaffer machine guns 10 soldiers and kills another with a grenade
#40: An officer (Officer V, on this website) is tricked into machine gunning Thomas as he climbs down the castle walls
#41-#46: Schaffer machine guns 6 soldiers as they climb the stairs
#47-#56: The bomb Schaffer left in the radio room kills an officer and 9 soldiers (the company of 5 who went to investigate, the 2 thrown out the window and the 2 burning guys)
#57-#59: The bomb Schaffer left in the Golden Hall kills 3 soldiers
#60: Christiansen is kicked off the cable car by Smith
#61: Smith stabs Berkeley with an ice pick then blows up his cable car
#62-#73: The bomb Schaffer left in the cable car kills an officer and 11 soldiers
#74-#78: Mary and Schaffer machine gun 5 soldiers as they drive through town
#79-#80: Mary machine guns 2 soldiers riding a motorcycle on the bridge
#81-#83: Schaffer machine guns 3 soldiers in a car on the bridge
#84-#86: The bomb on the bridge left by Schaffer and Smith blows up 3 soldiers
#87-#91: Schaffer and Mary machine gun 4 soldiers and the Airport Control Officer at the airport
#92-#94: Smith machine guns 3 soldiers before getting on the plane
#95: Colonel Turner commits suicide by jumping out of the plane


By nationality:
2 British deaths
    2 soldiers
9 German deaths
    4 spies
    9 officers
    80 soldiers

By method of death:
1 death by clubbing
47 by shooting
    11 by pistol
    36 by machine gun
39 by explosions
5 by accidents involving moving vehicles
2 by stabbing

By killer:
66 Lieutenant Schaffer
    2 by pushing out of a car
    2 by knife
    7 by pistol
    27 by machine gun
    by explosives
20 Major Smith
    1 by pushing out of a car
    1 by pushing out of a cable car
    3 by pistol
    4 by machine gun
    11 by explosives
5 Mary
    5 machine gun
1 Berkeley*
    1 by pistol
1 Christiansen*
    1 by club
1 Colonel Turner
    1 jumps out of plane
1 German Officer V
    1 by machine gun

* Unconfirmed

Note: Schaffer and Mary have 10 kills between them as they machine gun the Germans while driving through town, so we split it equally. While Schaffer and Smith are being driven away and they crash the car, Smith shot the driver and Schaffer threw his guard out, but it was unclear who killed the other 2 Nazis when the car crashed, so we gave them equal credit. The bomb left on the bridge by both Schaffer and Smith killed 3 soldiers, so we gave the majority of the credit to Schaffer (Schaffer 2, Smith 1) because hes just that violent.