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Donald Houston
AKA: Don Houston
Occupation: Actor
Birthname: Donald Daniel Houston
Birthdate: June 11, 1924
Birthplace: Tonypandy, North Wales, Great Britain
Died: October 13, 1991(Coimbra, Portugal)
Character: Olaf Christiansen

Donald Houston was a very skillful Welsh actor, sometimes speaking with a nice Welsh accent and sometimes hiding this accent behind an English public-school veneer. His career is solid as a character actor in English films and he has good parts in several well-known films, like The Sea Wolves, 633 Squadron and The Longest Day. Hi strongest side as an actor is his portaits of authority figures, often military, such as the brilliant but tough David Caulder, the head of Moonbase 3 in the wellknown British miniseries. He is an all-round actor and can also handle comedy well, as he proved with Doctor In The House and the later Doctor In Distress, both with great successes in Europe. Even if Houston had good parts in many great movies he never became a big star. He died quietly in Portugal, well-liked by the British but not too well known in America.

Selected Films
Girl Must Live, A - 1939
Double Cross - 1941
Run for Your Money, A - 1949
Blue Lagoon, The - 1949

My Death Is a Mockery - 1951
Small Town Story - 1953
Paratrooper - 1953
Devil's Point - 1954

Happiness of Three Women - 1954
Yangtse Incident - 1957
Man Upstairs, The - 1958
Room at the Top - 1959

Breakout - 1959
Mark, The - 1961
Maniac - 1962
Longest Day, The - 1962

Twice Round The Daffodils - 1962
Prince and the Pauper, The - 1962
Carry on Jack - 1964
633 Squadron - 1964

Study in Terror, A - 1965
Where Eagles Dare - 1969
My Lover My Son - 1970
Sunstruck - 1972

Voyage of the Damned - 1976
Find the Lady - 1976
Sea Wolves, The - 1980
Girl in the Picture, The - 1986

Donald Houston´s brother, Glen Houston, is also an actor.
Donald Houston was married to Brenda Hogan.

User Comments:

Peter Price (2006-12-20)
Tonypandy is in the South Wales Valleys not North Wales as is stated here.
d jenkins (2009-03-15)
donalds brother is called glyn not glen
wes jackson (2010-06-01)
He was in clash of the titans 1981.
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