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All in all, the novel has a different "flavour" than the motion picture. The characters appears to be quite similar, although they, as expected, reveal new sides. For example, what drives both Smith and Schaffer to accomplish their seamingly impossible mission, is the love to Mary and Heidi, respectively. Opposite from the picture, and also a bit surprising, the novel shows delightful romantic, sentimental and even humorous passages - probably the main reason for what-I-call its "different flavour".

The plot turns out to be even more twisted than we sense in the picture, but, on the other hand, explains unclear passages in the picture. The picture is a bit of an orgy in blood and killing (Eastwood's own addition?), whereas the novel, as quite a contrast, shows our heroes sparing as many lives as possible. At one point, Smith even risks his life, saving an unconscious nazi from being burned to death!